2012: Metro Austin, TX

Posted on Aug 28, 2012

2012: Metro Austin, TX

September 26–29
Why Williamson County and Gwinnett County?

Williamson County, Texas was identified as one of Gwinnett’s three strong comparison communities in the Market Street Services economic development study for Partnership Gwinnett in 2011.  Williamson County mirrors the dynamism of Gwinnett’s economy and the diversity of its population.

The two markets are similar in that they have research that specifically identifies competitive markets, target clusters and a detailed marketing assessment that drives their economic development efforts. Both communities help to create and execute their economic development strategy to attract new investment, create jobs and promote business retention through a public-private partnership initiative managed by the chamber of commerce. Opportunity Austin and Partnership Gwinnett are similar in mission and structure.

The two markets are different in that Austin is home to a major university and is a college town, and Williamson County population is much smaller than Gwinnett but has grown much more rapidly on a percentage basis 2005-2010.

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